And Speaking of Travel Photos…

Below is a common site throughout the seaside ports and restaurants of the Mediterranean.

This photo is of the day’s catch of octopi (yes, that’s the plural) laid out to dry in the hot Mediterranean sun in preparation for that evening’s dinner.  This picture was taken in the port of Naoussa on the island of Paros, Greece.  Octopus is hung to dry so that the meat will become more tender when it is cooked.

Octopus Drying in Paros

And here is the dinner that I shared with a friend while in Greece — the freshest seafood (it’s a tight competition with New England seafood).  Simply grilled, nothing but a little bit of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, if you’d like.  Personally, I prefer not to have lemon, as I don’t want anything to interfere with the fresh taste of the seafood.  Also, notice that there are no sauces or toppings of any sort to take away from the highlight of the dish, which unfortunately, is what you tend to see in many restaurants here in the US.


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