Have Camera, Will Travel (for Food Photos)…

About a year ago, my favorite blog “Food52” held a travel food photo contest.  Contestants were invited to submit a photo that represented something that they saw while traveling, whether it was something that they ate, something that they saw in a window, or even someone that they saw cooking something.

The reason I bring up this contest is because I saw a photo today of nutmeg in its purest form, with a cover of mace.  It reminded me of a similar photo that I was drawn to during the contest last year.

While I had submitted a photo of my own for the contest (the octopus pic), some of the pictures that were submitted were absolutely stunning and looked like something you’d see on “National Geographic”. 

Click on the links below to see the amazing photos of finalists of the two contest rounds. 

Finalists Round 1

Finalists Round 2

My favorites were:

  • Pure nutmeg and mace (Round 2, top photo)
  • The market in Istanbul (Round 2, second photo)
  • The market in Uzbekistan (Round 1, last photo)

The picture of the women cooking green onions in Spain looks like it could be a painting.  Gorgeous!

Ultimately, the winner of the contest was the photo of the man in China walking home carrying a chicken in his hand — I believe it is a good representation of how other other cultures outside of the United States relate to their food.



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